FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I export the Pareto Analysis to Excel?

There are two ways to do this:

1- Click on the Pareto analysis to make sure it is properly selected, then click on the tab “Reports” then click the button “Export to Excel”
2- Right click on the Pareto analysis and select “Print & Export”, then from that window choose the File menu, then “Export Document” to your Microsoft Office application


Dooes the trial version have all the functionality of a full version?

Yes, the only difference is that the trial version limits the number of files which can be analyzed, and does not allow deletion of already loaded files. It also expires after 14 days of activation.


How to exclude LOE (Level of Effort) tasks/activities?

For MS Project: From the Home menu in Schedule Cracker, create a new project folder. A settings screen will be displayed where you can specify the custom text field that you are using as an LOE indicator, and specify the value of that field which indicates that the task is LOE.

For Primavera: LOE activities are identified by having an Activity Type = Level Of Effort.


Problems with installation?

  • Make sure to uninstall any older versions of Schedule Cracker before installing the new version

  • Extract the setup files to a Windows directory, then right click on setup.exe (or the *.msi file) and click “Run as Administrator”.

  • Try to restart your computer and try again

  • If you still can’t install the software, then please contact and include the detailed error or a screenshot of the error message